Chicago Personal Injury Attorney: What to Do After an Accident

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney: What to Do After an Accident

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Car accidents are scary. It can be stressful remembering what to do in an emergency. Likewise, remembering what not to do is also important. There are two things you can do right now to be prepared in the event you are involved in a car accident, regardless of whose fault it may be, which may be determined after the fact in any case. First, put a personal injury lawyer you know, like and trust in your phone contacts with their name and the words “injury lawyer” so you can call them if you need to. Second, print a list of important information including this article or your own list of things you should do and things you should not do after an accident.

We want you to know the basics of what to do after a car accident before it happens. We also want you to understand the key concepts in personal injury law before you burdened with injury or loss. You should get to know Michael V. Favia and put him in your phone under “Chicago Personal Injury Attorney.”

At the Scene of an Accident

Cooperate with first responders as they arrive to assess injuries and transport injured people to hospitals and trauma centers as needed. Law enforcement will also likely arrive near the same time to collect evidence and to possibly issue citations if necessary. While it is important to communicate with first responders and law enforcement, the focus at the scene should be safety and transporting any injured people for treatment.

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Call your personal injury lawyer if you have immediate questions. Liability for the accident can be determined later, with the assistance of your personal injury attorney. Even if a law enforcement officer issues you a citation for the accident, it can be contested later. The less information you provide on the scene can be to your benefit and if you feel comfortable and the situation allows, you may want to call your attorney from the scene to answer any of your questions you may have about the process. This is why it can be so helpful to pre-select an injury attorney, so you have assistance if you need it at the scene, and especially where you are concerned about liability issues.

When You Get Home from the Accident or Hospital Visit

Report your accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. While the insurance company is there to protect you, they are also in the business of limiting the amount they pay out for claims. You do not want to jeopardize the ability to be compensated quickly. For small accidents with little injuries, your attorney may tell you the amount the insurance company seems fair and your attorney suggests you accept their offer without filing an injury case in court.

Seek medical attention for any and all of your injuries. If you fail to seek medical attention within a few hours or days of the accident the insurance company who may be liable to pay your claim might attempt to reduce your recovery by arguing that your injuries are less serious or were caused by something else. You might need your attorney to file an injury lawsuit against one of the insurance policies depending on the facts and it is more difficult to help you if you fail to seek medical attention right away. Even if you do not think you are that hurt, it is important to be checked out, especially where certain injuries do not start causing extreme pain and discomfort until a few days after an accident.

Gather your notes and information before you forget what happened, how you experienced your initial injuries and what needs to happen to be reimbursed for your damages. It is helpful to keep a pain and injury log to chart your experiences from day to day as you work through rehabilitation to get well and active again.

When You Meet with Your Injury Attorney

After you initially call your personal injury attorney about the accident and any initially pressing matters are attended to, you will likely have a meeting with your attorney and their staff. Here at Michael V. Favia & Associates in Chicago we discuss issues involving your insurance policy, your injuries, damages and losses.

You may have questions about initial statements and letters received from insurance and healthcare providers. You may also have issues regarding transportation, vehicle replacement and doctors’ visits. It may take some time to continue with your treatment before the extent of your injuries and recovery is known.

Your Chicago personal injury attorney and their staff will let you know what information they may need from you as your case is ongoing and can help with the process of seeking reimbursements for part of your recovery as you continue treating with your doctors.

What Happens with Issues of Liability and Damages?

Not all insurance companies are the same. While some insurance companies are very reputable and do a fine job paying claims for injured people, others will do whatever it takes to get out of paying a claim, even by denying coverage on minor technicalities. For example, your own policy could try and deny you compensation if you failed to comply with any part of your agreement with the insurance company. An example would be failing to identify other licensed drivers in your home and whether they have their own insurance policies.

Worse than your own insurance company denying you coverage, the insurance company for the other party in the accident may insist that you were at fault and they should not have to pay what you are seeking. Issues of fault and liability are negotiated by the injury lawyers and can end up in court.

So, if you said more than you should have and were confused at the scene of the accident, your personal injury attorney will fight for your right to be compensated for your injuries.

You Never Pay Until We Settle or Win

An experienced Chicago personal injury attorney at Michael V. Favia & Associates is skilled in determining how to proceed with your complex personal injury case, potentially requiring expert testimony, forensic investigations and more.

Our law firm only gets paid when your case settles out of court or we win for you in court. We make sure you get the money you need to pay for long term care and recovery. Where you may have permanent injuries or limitations after a bad car accident injury, you need the resources to pay for ongoing care into your future years.

Call Michael V. Favia & Associates today to meet us and introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have about how it works when you hire a Chicago personal injury attorney following a car accident. We may remind you to save a list of “what to do’s” and save our phone number in case you ever need us. Our main number at Michael V. Favia & Associates in Chicago is (773) 631-4580.