Pill mills - Investigations and consequences

Pill mills: Investigations and consequences

Pill mills: Investigations and consequences Pain clinics are abundant in many states and so are pill mills. In New York, Ohio and Chicago recent pill mill investigations caused raids and arrests of doctors and staff complicit in running pill mills where the doctors write prescriptions for pain narcotics like they are giving out candy at […]

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Responsibility investigates cases that can lead to discipline.

Medicare fraud bust in Illinois leads to 6 and ½ year sentence

The biggest problem facing Medicare fraud might be the arrogance of people who get away with bad acts for too long. Meanwhile, with the cooperation of law enforcement agencies using technology and skill, fraud schemes are frequently shut down and bad actors are prosecuted. In some cases, someone on the inside is the whistleblower who […]


Experience matters: Hiring the best healthcare licensing lawyer

How much did it cost you to become a licensed and practicing healthcare professional? While doing the math, in addition to the hard cost of tuition for many years of school, remember to include the opportunity cost of all else you may have done to earn money while you dedicated your life and career path […]

Rock Island, Illinois home health supplier faces vendor fraud charges for submitting false billing invoices.

How you can stop home health fraud, Whistleblowers may share in recovery

Home health companies are increasingly popular among families who want their loved one to receive care in their own home or another residential location with others receiving care. Home health options are appealing to those who do not favor the traditional nursing home facilities and find them to seem institutional. One advantage of a traditional […]


False Claims Act lawsuits and the whistleblowers who share in recoveries

The False Claims Act[i] is the federal law used to prosecute those who make fraudulent claims for payment through government programs. The majority of false claims are made by government contractors engaged in work connected with government spending programs such as health care and military programs. Also referred to as the “Lincoln Law” the False […]