Illinois is a principal license designate state for the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

Illinois LicenseUntil recently passed legislation, Illinois was not a state of principal license designate for physicians for purposes of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) issued a statement on the process in a press release:

“Physicians may now elect Illinois as a ‘State of Principal Licensure’ as part of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (“Compact”). Physicians licensed in Illinois can file a request through the Compact’s website to have their education, training and background reviewed by the State of Illinois to determine Compact eligibility. If a physician meets the Compact qualifications, as determined by the State of Illinois, a “Letter of Qualification” will be issued. The “Letter of Qualification” may then be presented (via the Compact Commission) to other Compact states to request issuance of an ‘expedited’ physician license for the applying physician.[i]

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact:

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed HB3680, which took effect January 1, 2016 by which the State of Illinois joined the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, becoming the 11th state to join the Compact. By joining in the Compact it is suggested that Illinois healthcare organizations and communities will benefit by the ability to recruit and retain qualified physicians from among the Compact states.

Physicians who wish to practice in multiple states are now able to do so without the additional traditional licensure applications and procedures. An expedited application process to be reciprocally licensed in neighboring states allows for more opportunities for physicians, especially those who live and practice in northern Illinois who may wish to be able to practice over the border in Wisconsin.

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[i] IDFPR Press Release: Illinois Now a State of Principal License Designate for Physicians, Sept. 7, 2017