Home Health Agencies: Physician Liability and Licensing Issues

Health law attorney, Michael V. Favia warns of pysician liability working with home health agencies.
Health law attorney, Michael V. Favia warns of physician liability working with home health agencies.

Home Health Agencies: Physician Liability and Licensing Issues

The increasing popularity and flexibility of home health agencies is making life better for many patients, and for physicians there are special laws and regulations of which to be aware in protecting against license and discipline liability. The rules at the hospital may not apply in home health. Licensing attorney, Michael V. Favia defends physicians and urges them all to learn the rules and regulations of home healthcare.

Home health agencies in Chicago are hotbeds for Medicare billing fraud and fraud schemes.

Physicians all over the Chicago area have expressed interest in home health agencies and the opportunity to serve patients in home healthcare operations. Words of caution are often shared to express concern about the increase in Medicare billing fraud and increased scrutiny by law enforcement and licensing authorities such as the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

As task forces working with law enforcement line up massive takedowns of suspected fraudulent operations, innocent and unknowing physicians can get caught up in the case and need to hire a licensing attorney to protect them and their careers practicing medicine.

Health law attorney, Michael V. Favia warns of physician liability working in home healthcare facilities with patients in the Chicago area.

A former Chief of Prosecution for the Department, Michael V. Favia works with IDFPR and licensing issues and cases involving physicians working with home health agencies. “I have prosecuted and, more recently, defended physicians who were uninformed that things they were doing for home health agencies ended up being violations of the laws or rules of their profession,” Favia recently stated.  “There are both criminal and civil ramifications when any of these laws or rules are breached. Physicians and all other healthcare professionals who decide to work in this environment MUST know all the do’s and don’ts in this highly regulated area of medicine,” Favia said.

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