7 Reasons Thanksgiving Car Accidents Happen

Thanksgiving Car Accidents Happen, Chicago Injury Lawyer Michael Favia

7 Reasons Thanksgiving Car Accidents Happen

Call Chicago Injury Attorney Michael Favia if you are in a Thanksgiving car accident at (773) 631-4580. Put him in your phone under “injury lawyer” because you just never know when it can happen. Bang! You are rear-ended on the Kennedy Expressway. No big deal, just minor body damage, until someone doesn’t see the accident and now, we have a pileup.

Who is at fault? Whose insurance will pay for the emergency room treatment? There are insurance companies calling and you don’t know what to do.

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Here is our list of the main reasons Thanksgiving car accidents are more likely to happen than on any other given fall day.

  1. People are Distracted by Excitement

The kids are playing on their phones or watching a movie, the wife is talking about what’s been going on with some of her family members and you are just happy to be out of the office when a delivery truck sideswipes you and sends you and your family into the concrete barricade.

  1. People are Distracted by Anxiety

“I will literally turn this car around and we’ll stay at home if you kids can’t stop bickering. Your mother is so upset she can’t find the directions and we are about to miss our turn because…” In the heat of being stressed out by your family you cut off that gray sedan that just blends in with the road, now what?

  1. Drivers are Unfamiliar with Construction Projects

“Isn’t this great they widened this highway and added new lanes, look how we are making great time.” Too bad other drivers got comfortable on cruise control. What happens when the guy 5 cars ahead of you is messing with his Pandora on his phone and fails to see there is a stretch of road where the construction isn’t quite finished. He sees it late, swerves and overcorrects as he is now spun around facing three lanes of traffic coming right at him, including you and your family.

  1. Changing Thanksgiving Weather Forecasts

They say if you don’t like the weather forecast, just wait five minutes. All joking aside the weather can change suddenly at any time of year. When temperatures are colder during the holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years there can be a rain, snow and ice mixture putting everyone in peril. It is especially dangerous when conditions worsen for drivers unaware with their surroundings.

  1. Drivers are Unfamiliar with Driving in Different States

Just like we have different local sayings and names for things, we all have different driving habits depending on where we live and our surroundings. In some places almost, everyone drives five to eight miles over the speed limit. What happens when they come to Illinois and people on the Tollway are going 10, 15 or more over and are weaving in and out of lanes like a slalom course in the Winter Olympics? When you finally feel safe changing lanes to get out of the way of an angry driver, will others be paying attention, especially if they cannot predict your next move?

  1. People are Drinking or Otherwise Impaired

The general stress and anxiety over holidays and celebrations often goes along with a few holiday cocktails. What happens if mom is driving home from Thanksgiving because dad had too many? Did mom realize that her new anti-anxiety medication would change affect her when mixing with wine? She only had a few glasses but isn’t quite feeling right and the lanes are getting hard to follow. She could be any driver on the road, anywhere.

  1. Combine Reasons 1-6 with Added Volume of Traffic

The less room you must avoid a car accident, the more likely you are going to be in one. People are going slower than they want to go because there are just too many cars on the road. People get frustrated and impatient, trying to pass slower moving cars. Others get upset because people are rushing them and there isn’t anywhere to go. Cars keep passing you on the right and cutting in front of you. The number of people on the roads make it dangerous and increase the risk of Thanksgiving car accidents. Please try to be patient, giving yourself plenty of time and giving other drivers plenty of room.

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