Real Estate Tax Reduction and Disputes in Illinois

Real Estate Tax Reduction and Disputes in Illinois

Favia Law Firm for Real Estate Tax Reduction and Disputes in Illinois

With the recent arrival of the first installment of real estate tax bills, people are l concerned about real estate tax reduction in Illinois. If you object to significant tax increases, please call Chicago real estate attorney, Michael V. Favia to learn your rights and options to appeal your real estate taxes and get a tax reduction. Call the law office of Michael V. Favia and Associates at (312) 609-6666 to make an appointment at one of the firm’s convenient office locations in the city and suburbs.

Many Property Owners Shocked at Latest Cook County Tax Bills

– CBS2 Chicago July 9, 2019

Please read our 2018 article on our website, Appealing Cook County Real Estate Taxes. Note that there are deadlines on filing real estate tax appeals. Deadlines are different depending on where the property is located.

If you wait, you lose your opportunity to dispute your tax bill. Michael V. Favia has many years of experience in dealing with Cook County real estate tax appeals, not only as a commercial and residential real estate lawyer but also as a commercial and residential property owner in Cook County. The Favia Law Firm is associated with all the right legal and real estate professionals who get the job done and save you from out of control tax increases.

Illinois Real Estate Taxes are High

When asked why Illinois real estate taxes are so high, the answers can be complicated. Meanwhile, what is easy to understand is the problem of unfunded pensions for Illinois schools and municipalities. When there isn’t enough money to pay pensions, those who can increase property taxes to cover costs do exactly that.

From the Daily Herald: A drop in people, a $1 billion rise in property taxes

This is a serious problem and many people are facing difficult decisions, including selling their homes and moving. For Illinois property taxpayers on fixed budgets, the extreme tax hikes lead to undue hardships. Those who own their properties outright may be forced to take out mortgages to loans to pay the increased property tax payments.

Dispute a Property Tax Increase

When you receive your assessment and you face more property tax increases there are procedures to dispute a property tax increase. At the Favia Law Firm, we can help you determine if a property tax appeal makes sense and is worth your time and resources. You don’t need to assume that local tax assessors are correct in increasing the assessed value of your property. For example, if there are comparable properties near you with lower assessed values, that can be useful in disputing property tax increases.

Dispute Property Taxes in Illinois

Depending on your township assessor, you may be able to informally appeal to dispute property tax increases. If you are early in the tax year it may be easier to obtain a reduction. If you can demonstrate that the market value of your property is less than the assessed value, the assessor might work with you and agree to a real estate tax reduction.

If you are not successful with an informal dispute of your property taxes in Illinois, you can file a formal appeal with your county board of review. Here at the law offices of Michael V. Favia and Associates, we can represent you with a formal appeal for tax reduction in Illinois.

Are You Getting All the Illinois Property Tax Breaks You Deserve?

Use the link in the headline above to read the Nolo legal article about making sure that you are not overcharged, and are receiving all possible exemptions on your real estate tax in Illinois.

  • Appeal the Taxable Value of Your Home
  • Secure Every Available Tax Break, You’re Entitled
    • Primary residence
    • Senior citizens
    • Disabled persons
    • Home improvements
    • Disabled veterans
    • Returning veterans
    • Natural disasters

Michael V. Favia, Chicago Real Estate Attorney for Real Estate Tax Reduction and Disputes in Illinois

Since graduating from law school and starting his law practice, Chicago real estate attorney Michael V. Favia has been involved in real estate tax reduction and disputes in Illinois. From representing commercial and residential real estate clients to owning and experiencing his own tax assessment liability in residential and commercial properties in Cook County, Illinois, Michael V. Favia knows all the right people and has the background and experience to help you save your money and fight for your right to pay fair property taxes for assessed real estate in Cook County, and all over the Chicagoland area.

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