New web-based professional licensing service to save doctors time and money in all 50 U.S. states


The process of applying for medical licensing and credentials can be significant and there are many busy physicians who either do not have time, or whose time is more valuably spent serving patients great healthcare. Whether a doctor is planning to move to a new state or intends to be licensed in several or all the U.S. states, there is a market demand for assistance with licensing procedures and the follow-up needed in the application process. Nowadays telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular for doctors and their patients who are comfortable conducting certain visits through mobile technologies. Every state in which a telemedicine doctor wishes to practice (even virtually) will have its own requirements for licensure. is a service to collect and process your applications in the licensing process.

The service offers is relatively straightforward. When a doctor signs to for the service they consult with a representative who interviews the doctor and collects resumes and CVs to determine whether the doctor meets state requirements for education, training and examinations. So long as a doctor meets the minimum thresholds for licensing, can help doctors apply in all the 50 U.S. states.  In the process, this service provides feedback and follow-up during the period between application submissions and the issuance of the requested license or credential.

The website[i] boasts more than 20,000 physician users and that those users save time and money. There is an active military service member discounted rate of $429 per state for qualified applicants.

In addition to applications for physician licenses in every U.S. state, offers additional services not limited to insurance, hospital and physician credentialing. Additional services also include registration for the Medicare program and licenses for telemedicine practice.

In certain cases, an experienced professional licensing consultant and attorney is recommended.

Especially with the advance of mobile healthcare technologies like telemedicine, many more doctors are applying for licenses in multiple states. Meanwhile, the National Practitioner Data Bank[ii] collects shared information among states and healthcare professionals. This information can include incidents of discipline, medical malpractice settlements and other information used in the regulation and oversight of licensed healthcare professionals.

Entries in the National Practitioner Data Bank that might not have triggered adverse action in one state, could possibly lead to an inquiry or limitation on the ability to secure additional licenses. For these reasons, any doctor with potential downstream license inquiries should consult with an experienced attorney on professional licensing concerns.

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