Elder Abuse & Neglect


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Elder Abuse and Neglect

Making assisted care and living decisions for loved ones is never easy. There are more options today than ever before. You have the option of a traditional nursing home and home healthcare facilities, and both have certain features and benefits. In selecting a nursing home be aware that while many strongly state their ultimate focus on care for their residents, there is a profit-centered reality and greed can overcome care in unfortunate situations.

Sometimes nursing home directors and management put profit ahead of patient care. To save money some homes fail to maintain and update their equipment, such as bed lifts and machinery used to care for patients. Likewise, staffing cuts can leave an inadequate staff, likely unable to give a desired level of care for your loved one who may be waiting a long time for help to the rest room, for example.

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Injuries

When your loved one is already in a nursing home you can look for several signs that should give rise to concern:

  • Bed sores;
  • Broken bones and injuries;
  • Cuts and bruising;
  • Sudden weight loss.

While it is appropriate to ask the attending nurse and staff about any concerns, they may be busy, and you might not feel like they are giving you 100 percent care and attention. Remember the job the nurses perform and their daily routine before you lose patience with them. That said, keep a record of everything that happens.

Making a Record of Everything with Concerns

Claims for damages and lawsuits for elder abuse and neglect are difficult cases to prove and win. If you plan to talk to a lawyer about nursing home injuries and suspected abuse and neglect, you should have a very detailed record of all the facts involved and a record of what happened during visits with your loved one. Nursing homes have insurance providers who should settle most claims short of going to trial. No assisted living or nursing home facility wants the negative press of a lawsuit filed in court. That said, not all cases settle, and some do go to trial and circumstantial evidence may be all you have to prove your claim.

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