Memorial Day weekend car accidents

Memorial Day weekend car accidents

There is a massive number of Chicagoland vacationers ready to hit the road this Memorial Day weekend. News and traffic reports suggest there really is no better or worse time to travel because the roads are going to be busy. While nobody wants to think about being involved in a Memorial Day weekend car accident, being prepared is your best defense against being injured away from home.

What to do if you are involved in a car accident while on vacation?

Ironically, we plan our lives assuming somewhat that all our safety measures and procedures around our daily lives around home, work and school. While statistics are on the side of accidents occurring near home or work, there are times like Memorial Day weekend when the number of traffic accidents increase and people’s “what to do” lists and plans may need to change.

Immediately you may be at a disadvantage because you are out of town and away from your support network. The friend or neighbor you might call to take care of things will not be there. Your regular family doctor and healthcare facilities may be hundreds of miles away.

When you are disadvantaged due to location, make notes of everything you can. Ask people to let you take some notes in case you have a difficult time remembering and organizing your thoughts and tasks.

Memorial Day weekend car accidents
Memorial Day weekend car accidents. Call Michael V. Favia & Associates, personal injury lawyer in Chicago at (773) 631-4580. Put us in your phone.

Being prepared ahead of time in case of emergencies

Who would you call first if you were involved in a traffic collision? Now, assume you are 4 hours north on Memorial Day weekend vacation and you are the one with minor bumps and scrapes while others in your family are under close medical care and treatment. It is a good idea to have someone at home who is ready to act if you need them to help take care of things and help you as needed.

Knowing who to call also means knowing to call a lawyer as soon as possible. Depending on the accident, law enforcement and investigators might be immediately examining the scene and taking witness statements. You should remember that under periods of increased trauma such as a car accident during Memorial Day weekend that you may not remember things correctly and your impressions can be different because of the related adrenaline dump associated with trauma.

Getting back on your feet and recovering in a personal injury lawsuit

At Michael V. Favia & Associates, personal injury lawyers in Chicago, we know how to zealously fight to make sure you are treated fairly by everyone involved in the recovery process after a car accident. Whether it is a rear-end collision or multicar pileup, we will find the insurance company to pursue and secure you proper settlement or money damages award at trial.

Our investigations are detailed, and we know the right professionals with whom to associate to get you back on your feet and ready to make plans for new Memorial Day weekend vacations in the future. Before you leave, put us in your phone under “Favia Injury Lawyer” with the number (773) 631-4580.

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