Healthcare comprehensive marketing plans and best practices with Dorothy DiMedio

Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations with Dorothy DiMedio

Our guest on this Healthcare Practice and Consultant’s podcast, brought to you by healthcare law firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates is Ms. Dorothy DiMedio, from Center Stage Marketing and we are talking about healthcare  marketing and public relations, and how to plan and execute an effective healthcare marketing strategy.

Dorothy DiMedio is focused on helping clients get noticed with effective marketing strategies for healthcare practices and healthcare affiliated professionals.


Healthcare comprehensive marketing plans and best practices with Dorothy DiMedio

  • The elements of a comprehensive marketing healthcare plan
    • Digital marketing
    • Social media & content creation
    • Public relations & relationship development
  • The challenge in differentiation in the healthcare marketspace
    • Crowded marketplaces with generic messaging
    • Ad hoc tactics (lack of strategy)
    • Failure to keep up with technology and trends
  • Industry trends in healthcare practice marketing
    • Practice rollups – investor strategy
    • Back office resource pooling
    • Target demographic behaviors
  • Best practices in marketing healthcare practices
    • Branding
    • Multi-channel marketing
    • Outsourcing
Dorothy DiMedio Center Stage Marketing
Dorothy DiMedio Center Stage Marketing

Dorothy DiMedio is the founder and principal of Center Stage Marketing in Chicago. Coming from a background in sales, Dorothy leverages her effective client relationship management skills to benefit her professional clients with public relations and marketing services.

Highlights of this podcast includes a conversation about how to hire an outsourced marketing firm, how to set and communicate expectations and what you can do to start marketing your healthcare practice right now, especially if you are just getting started. We talked about the example of the travelling nurse industry and the opportunities for travelling nurses to build their online brand and be recognized by recruiters for hospitals that need their skills and credentials. The traveling nurse may start their new marketing campaign with a new website, social media and blog articles about all the exciting things they see and do in different cities where they have a temporary contract.

Community involvement and being connected to people in your local causes and organizations is something Dorothy highly recommends. The people who get to know, like and trust us can be a source of referral business for many years to come. It is important to remain patient while building your brand and getting known in the healthcare industry. Step one is to make the plan, step two is to work the plan, and step three is to keep going and keep marketing.

If you want to talk to Dorothy DiMedio about outsourced healthcare marketing and public relations, please call Michael V. Favia for an introduction by dialing (773) 631-4580.

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