Michael V Favia and John Conenna A Great Conversation About Community Family Career Ethics and Law

Michael V.Favia and John Conenna: A Conversation About Community, Family, Career, Ethics, and Law

We can all learn a little from Mike Favia about earning respect and doing the right thing in our communities. When we remember who helped build us up in our lives and careers, we ideally pay that forward to others. Respecting what others have built before you is vital, and what you do with it when it’s your turn is what others may notice and follow. It’s all about helping one another in law and life.

Virtual Fundraisers for Non-Profits with Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson Talks About Virtual Fundraising Opportunities for Non-Profit Organizations

Michael V. Favia & Associates Presents Rob Johnson Talking About Virtual Fundraising on the Healthcare Consultants Podcast. In this episode, Rob Johnson, the TV journalist and founder of Rob Johnson Communications, talks about solutions to the challenges of fundraising and raising awareness for important causes in a virtual environment, during the pandemic and moving forward. This program is hosted by the Chicago Health Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C. Rob Johnson works directly with non-profit organizations holding high-quality virtual events, recorded, and produced to work around the challenges of not being able to hold in-person events.

Podcast about Illinois Professional Licensing and the IDFPR

Chicago IDFPR Attorney Jacqueline Stein Podcast on Licensed Professional Regulation Updates

An important takeaway: Always consult an experienced Chicago IDFPR attorney when matters arise with the Department. The Law Office of Michael V. Favia & Associates and their team of IDFPR consultants know how to help with license applications, IDFPR complaints, and investigations, probation and compliance, administrative review, and appeal of disciplinary decisions.

Criminal Defense and Professional Licensing Defense Podcast with Gus Kostopoulos

Gus Kostopoulos Podcast on Criminal Defense and Professional Licensing Defense

Gus Kostopoulos: Criminal Defense and Professional Licensing Welcome to the Illinois Professional Licensing Associates podcast, brought to you by healthcare practice and licensing defense lawyer, Michael V. Favia. Michael V. Favia & Associates in Chicago represents licensed professionals before regulatory agencies such as the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). Chicago area criminal […]


Healthcare comprehensive marketing plans and best practices with Dorothy DiMedio

Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations with Dorothy DiMedio Our guest on this Healthcare Practice and Consultant’s podcast, brought to you by healthcare law firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates is Ms. Dorothy DiMedio, from Center Stage Marketing and we are talking about healthcare  marketing and public relations, and how to plan and execute an […]


HIPAA for healthcare in private practice

HIPAA for healthcare in private practice HIPAA healthcare practice consultant Marion Neal focuses on how private healthcare practitioners and administrators can manage their HIPAA compliance efforts by building a system and integrating compliance tasks into the regular business process, however that process may function in each private practice.   HIPAA for healthcare in private practice, […]


Valuing and selling your dental practice with Michael Erin

  Today’s interview with Michael Erin, a dental valuation and practice consultant and broker, focuses on how Dentists prepare for retirement and a succession plan for the transition and sale of the work and interest in their dental practice. Topics covered in this 30-minute interview: About Progressive Management and dental brokerage generally; Preparing for retirement, when to […]


PODCAST: Appealing adverse final rulings in healthcare discipline, discharge and termination

Today’s podcast interview with attorney Michael Cohen focuses on his work with attorney Michael Favia in defending healthcare professionals and appealing adverse decisions from any state agency final ruling affecting involving discipline, discharge, and terminations. There are many compelling reasons to file an appeal of a ruling affecting your healthcare career. Attorneys Cohen and Favia […]


PODCAST: An overview of current and future osteopathic medicine with Dr. Karen Nichols

Today’s podcast interview with Dr. Karen Nichols, focuses on osteopathic medicine and how osteopaths are different from traditional medical doctors. In the next 30 minutes Karen will talk to us about the whole person approach to osteopathic medicine, treatment and care. Learn about the rise of awareness and practice of osteopathic medicine and what we […]


PODCAST: The expanding role of nurses in the community with Elizabeth Carlson, PhD, RN

Today’s podcast interview with Doctor Elizabeth Carlson focuses on current trends and topics in the area of careers in nursing. In the next 30 minutes Doctor Carlson will talk to us about her career in nursing and healthcare and offer examples of opportunities in several nursing professions in demand today and in the years to […]