Driver Safety on 4th of July Weekend: Tips from a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Michael V Favia

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois Before the Car Accident

You are statistically likely to be involved in a car accident close to home. The Esurance website suggests that car accidents are less likely on long road trips and more likely to take place within 25 miles of home. Neighborhoods and smaller intersections are particularly dangerous. The closer to home, the more people might check their cell phone or do something else distracting them on the way out or the way home. 

Lifesaving Advice from Your Chicago Personal Injury Attorney: What to Do After an Accident

Chicago personal injury lawyer Michael V. Favia has represented many Chicago area people and families of those injured in car accidents. Distracted driving, drug and alcohol, speed, weather, and mechanical issues all can lead to crashes involving serious injury. People might not think they are hurt at first because of the adrenaline spike in an emergency like a car crash. The days after, whiplash and other soft tissue injuries are painful. People may need to visit the chiropractor for neck, back, and spine pain and adjustments. The more seriously injured and fatal accident victims and their families need a smart and tough car accident lawyer.

Michael V. Favia and his team of injury lawyers and paralegals work with the insurance companies to make sure they meet their duty to take care of the injured. Favia and his car crash investigators and discovery teams get to work to make sure you are protected in negotiated and litigating your personal injury claims.

You pay nothing to start an injury case and Chicago personal injury lawyer Michael V. Favia & Associates accepts payment after the case is settled or won in court. Put us in your phone under “Chicago Injury Lawyer” with our number (312) 609-6666. We have offices in Rolling Meadows, Chicago’s Northwest Side and in the Loop.

Fourth of July Weekend is Deadliest

On the top of every list, the Fourth of July weekend is the most dangerous and deadly weekend to be on the roads. Alcohol-related car crashes account for over 50 percent of deadly crashes on July 4. You could encounter a drunk driver traveling the same direction on a multi-lane road, at an intersection, cash toll booth lane, or entering or leaving a parking lot. Just about anywhere you are at risk of coming across a driver who fails to maintain control and hits you and your family.

Chicago Ranks is 133/200 in Allstate America’s Best Driver’s Report 2019

Chicago is the 133rd safest driving city in 2019. Of the 200 listed, city data is reported including years between claims and hard-braking events per 1000 miles:

  • The national average of years between claims is 10.57 years, and in Chicago, the data says your average years between claims is 8.3;
  • The National average of hard-braking events per 1000 miles is 19, but in Chicago, the average is 28.8 hard-braking events per 1000 miles.

Other Chicago Area Communities on the 200 Best Driver’s Report

Safer Illinois communities listed on the Allstate report include the following:

  • Naperville, Illinois – Number 70;
  • Joliet, Illinois – Number 65;
  • Aurora, Illinois – Number 60; and
  • Rockford, Illinois – Number 32.

If you are injured in a car accident in Chicago, Naperville, Joliet, Aurora, Rockford, or any nearby Chicago area community, call the personal injury law office of Michael V. Favia & Associates for help at (312) 609-6666.

Tips on Finding an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Who Will Get You Money for Your Injuries

It takes years of experience for a Chicago personal injury lawyer to know what cases to take, when to settle and when to go to trial. The lawyers at the insurance companies are skilled. As personal injury defense lawyers, the insurance company attorneys look to limit liability and payments to injured. If you have any prior car accidents, injuries, or anything else that someone else can claim is the previous cause of an injury, it can and will be used against you.

An experienced Chicago personal injury attorney knows how to play hardball with the insurance company lawyers. An aggressive lawyer will let the bullies at the insurance company know that your lawyer is ready and happy to go to trial to a jury to prove your case if the insurance company tries to lowball you with too small a settlement offer.

Call Michael V. Favia & Associates in Chicago. Put the Number in Your Phone (312) 609-6666.

Chicago personal injury lawyer, Michael V. Favia is well-known in the Chicago area for fighting for injured people and families. Sometimes car accident victims are killed and wrongful death claims are needed to make the insurance company pay for the damages and lost earning capacity of family members. Those who live from the accident but are permanently paralyzed or disabled will have years of extra care expenses and countless medical, surgical, and physical therapy needs.

Do not take a car accident lightly. Do not ignore your health. Do not miss out on receiving fair and honest money compensation for your injuries. Damages include pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Call Michael V. Favia, your Chicago personal injury lawyer at (312) 609-6666.