Labor Day Weekend Car Accidents

Labor Day Weekend Car Accidents: Call Chicago Injury Lawyers at the Favia Law Firm

Drive Carefully on Labor Day Weekend A sobering end to summer fun is the reality that Labor Day Weekend is one of the most dangerous times to be traveling. From people out of town and not knowing where they are going, to people driving under the influence, the statistics suggest you pay extra attention to […]

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Michael V Favia

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer: Beware Chicago Drivers on Fourth of July

Chicago personal injury lawyer Michael V. Favia has represented many Chicago area people and families of those injured in car accidents. Distracted driving, drug and alcohol, speed, weather, and mechanical issues all can lead to crashes involving serious injury. People might not think they are hurt at first because of the adrenaline spike in an emergency like a car crash. The days after, whiplash and other soft tissue injuries are painful. People may need to visit the chiropractor for neck, back, and spine pain and adjustments. The more seriously injured and fatal accident victims and their families need a smart and tough car accident lawyer.


Student loan default: It can cost your professional license

Student loan default can cost your professional or occupational license to practice your profession. Under Illinois law, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) may refuse to issue or renew your license. Who could be affected by the student loan default and licensing law? In addition to healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, […]


IDFPR: Healthcare licensing podcast with Michael V. Favia

  Today’s podcast interview with healthcare law and licensing attorney Michael V. Favia, focuses on the key purpose and functions of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Doctors, nurses, dentists and similar healthcare professionals should know what to do when communicating with the IDFPR in the event of complaints and disciplinary matters. Illinois […]