Vaccine Mandates and Legal Issues with Employment Lawyer, Lori Goldstein

Vaccine Mandates and Legal Issues with Employment Lawyer, Lori Goldstein

Chicago Employment Lawyer, Lori Goldstein Addresses Current Topics and Frequently Asked Questions About Vaccine Mandates and Related Legal Issues

Lori Goldstein is a Chicago Employment Lawyer, and, in this podcast, she explains current laws and vaccine mandate issues affecting employers and employees. Learn about the legal challenges to vaccination mandates. Understand when employers can require vaccinations and when exemptions apply.  

See a recent vaccine mandate update at the end of this summary article

In this episode of the Healthcare Consultants Podcast, Lori Goldstein shows us how the laws apply to vaccine mandates in wrongful termination lawsuits, which is a question many employees are asking because they are concerned about getting fired if they don’t take the vaccines and boosters.

Lori Goldstein offers guidance for both employers and employees who are trying to figure out how to operate and what options may be available while we wait and learn the outcomes of legal challenges.

This program is hosted by the Chicago Health Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C.

The more we know about the law and how it applies to employees and their employers, the better everyone can protect their personal interests and address compliance with laws and regulations.

Vaccine Mandates and Legal Issues with Employment Lawyer, Lori Goldstein

  • Current Laws/Guidance (Federal, Illinois and Chicago-Based) and Pending OSHA Emergency Testing Standard (ETS)
  • Constitutional and Other Legal Challenges to Vaccination Mandates
  • When May Employers Require Vaccinations and What Exemptions Apply?
  • Wrongful Termination Lawsuits and COVID Vaccinations
  • Guidance for Employers and Employees While Legal Challenges May Be Pending

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A recent update from Lori Goldstein:

Happy first day of winter. As you have likely heard, the OSHA vaccine mandate is back in force. On Friday, a federal appeals court reinstated the vaccine and testing requirement for private businesses with 100 or more employees (subject to valid medical and religious exemptions.)

Employers need to establish and implement policies to comply with OSHA’s  Emergency Temporary Standard on Vaccination and Testing (ETS.) As long as businesses are making “good faith” efforts to do so, OSHA will delay issuing citations for violations until Jan. 10.

The Court’s decision highlighted that OSHA “demonstrated the pervasive danger that COVID-19 poses to workers—unvaccinated workers in particular—in their workplaces.” Of course, this sets up a Supreme Court showdown over the policy – I will keep you posted.

While we continue to sort out the rules and pending questions, below are important deadlines for employers (assuming no intervention from the Supreme Court):

  • January 10:  Publish COVID-19 vaccination policies, have recorded the vaccination status of all employees, begin having unvaccinated employees wear masks and provide training on ETS and policies takes effect
  • February 9: Begin requiring weekly testing of unvaccinated

I am available to assist with creating/updating policies and related forms, and answering questions as we navigate this phase.