Human Resource Solutions in Healthcare with Toni Gatz from Insperity HR Solutions

Human Resource Solutions in Healthcare with Toni Gatz from Insperity

Human Resource Solutions for Healthcare Practices with Toni Gatz from Insperity HR Solutions

Toni Gatz is a Business Performance Advisor at Insperity HR Solutions and in this podcast, she explains how Insperity works with healthcare providers and organizations to solve problems, build effective relationships, and improve the delivery of healthcare services.

In addition to the podcast, scroll down to watch a webinar: Business Resiliency Series: Vaccine Orders & Regulations

This is important information not only for our clients but business owners in the community!

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Healthcare service providers and their offices come in all shapes and sizes with unique individual needs. While running a busy practice and providing high-quality patient service, it is challenging to keep up with human resource needs and all the compliance issues involved in practice management. Focusing on healthcare practice efficiency helps save money, give better service, and realize the best profits for the business to grow and serve future patient needs.

In this episode of the Healthcare Consultants Podcast, Toni Gatz identifies the challenges many of her doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare providers face while serving their patients and managing their practice. Looking to the future, many need help with succession planning, growth, and other challenges in a dynamic marketplace. Especially given new pandemic issues, it is more important than ever to get the right assistance from a company like Insperity HR Solutions to save healthcare professionals from sleepless nights and challenges in their practices.  

This program is hosted by the Chicago Health Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C.

Human Resource Solutions in Healthcare, Key Issues:

  • Introducing Toni Gatz, Business Performance Advisor at Insperity
  • HR Strategy for Healthcare: Identifying Outsource Opportunities
  • Compliance with Rules and Strategy for Resource Savings in Healthcare
  • Building Long-Lasting Relationships with Executive Management
  • Pandemic-Oriented Issues and Problem Solving in Healthcare

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Business Resiliency Series: Vaccine Orders & Regulations

Here are key takeaways:

  • This is considered an ETS or Emergency Temporary Standard
  • Employers can choose between 2 main options
    1. Require the vaccine for all employees
    2. Allow employees to choose between being vaccinated OR weekly testing & face coverings
      • If they choose testing, employees must get tested every 7 days
      • The employer is NOT required to pay for the tests
      • Cannot be an at home test – rapid, PRC, antigen are acceptable
      • Employees must provide documentation weekly with testing
      • Employers must maintain record of employees testing records
  • Important Dates              
  • November 5th 2021 – OSHA’s COVID Vaccine or ETS takes effect
    • ETS has immediate impact in the 29 states where federal OSHA has jurisdiction
    • Employers who ignore the standard could face penalties up to $14,000 per violation
      • Egregious violations or willfully going against ETS can be fined up to $136,000 per non-vaccinated employee, this is up to OSHA’s discretion
    • ETS will remain in place for 6 months until it is replaced by permanent standard by OSHA
      • Simply stated…this isn’t going away
  • November 6th 2021
    • ALL requirements of ETS come into effect other than testing requirements
  • January 4th 2022
    • COVID19 testing requirements for those not fully vaccinated comes into effect
  • Who does this impact?
    • Employers with 100 or more employees
      • This counts FTE, PTE and seasonal workers
    • If the company is with a PEO, it’s based on their own employee headcount not the PEOs
  • What should employers do now?
    • Decide company policy on vaccines
    • Draft written policy
    • Prepare & provide required info to employees
    • Determine employees’ vaccination status
    • Develop a plan for handling accommodation requests
    • Develop a plan for employees’ noncompliance
    • Prepare for recordkeeping requirements
    • Prepare for OSHA inspections
  • Insperity clients have these resources
    • Service team can help with policies & procedures
    • Option to track vaccine status & testing in both Premier AND iSolved
    • Mobile app for Premier (WO clients only) will have an option by next week to load vaccine info
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