Winter Snowstorm Makes Driving Dangerous in Chicago and Suburbs

Heavy Winter Snowstorm Makes Driving Dangerous in Chicago and Suburbs

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More than 10 inches of snow in parts of Chicago and the suburbs make it dangerous to drive or travel for work, school, and other necessities. The major winter storm is creating dangerously icy and slippery driving conditions. All over the Chicagoland area, people are choosing to be safe and stay home, off the roads and expressways. Meanwhile, many of us must drive and get our families safely from place to place. It is our responsibility to keep our vehicles in good condition for winter weather and be prepared in the event of an emergency. And in the process, we should be good citizens and help one another when someone needs help, especially in snowstorm car accidents. Chicago car accident lawyers are available to help you at the Favia Law Firm (312) 609-6666.

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney: What to Do After an Accident

Attorney Michael V. Favia helps people and their families in Chicago and the suburbs when they must drive and end up in a car accident, often with injuries in addition to the damage to their car or truck. The insurance companies can be great to deal with or they can be a challenge. Getting vehicles repaired and finding rentals while yours is in the body shop can be a nightmare. The long-term impacts of the pandemic also extend to personal injury treatment and rehabilitation. With so many challenges, an experienced personal injury attorney like Michael V. Favia can make it much easier to get back on your feet and get the money necessary to compensate for your losses.

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Icy Slippery Roads and Dangerous Driving Conditions Lead to Car Accidents

It does not matter how many years of experience we have with winter driving; a heavy snowstorm can be a challenge to anyone, especially when road conditions can change quickly. Many of us stay on local roads and take it slow but we can still get stuck or spin out hitting something. Especially when there is ice on the road underneath and the temperatures drop, it isn’t even safe to walk down the sidewalk, much less stop at an intersection.

Check Out These Winter Driving Statistics – Wow!

Those of us who were born and raised in the Chicago area know how to drive in a winter storm, but we should remember all the people living in Northern Illinois who did not grow up driving in snow. Especially in recent years with more people moving to the suburbs, there are an increased number of inexperienced winter drivers out there so everyone should play it safe.

Helping Fellow Drivers in Snowstorms, Be Smart and Safe While Assisting Others

Getting out of your car to give someone a push can be a lifesaver or a lifetaker. Especially when on higher-speed roadways, getting out of your car or truck to help another driver can lead to your injury or death. First, before anything else, contact proper authorities and report stranded motorists and ask for help. We are all adults and should know when to help and when to leave it to the professionals. The last thing anyone wants to do is create a situation of greater peril.

Be Prepared for Emergencies and Know What Steps to Take During and After a Car Accident

If you slid into a curb and blew a tire, does your spare hold air, and would you be ready to change a tire in snow and ice? Sounds like a better bet to call roadside assistance? On the scene of a car accident, it can be terrifying to be involved and most people are stunned from the impact of airbags and the shock of being in a car accident. Know in your head, and remind yourself that you are not always thinking clearly in an extreme situation and your memory and perception can be different from one moment to the next. Talking too much about what happened as it just happened, can be a problem later. Nobody wants a problem with the insurance company and a lawsuit issue over statements made on the scene.

Have a personal injury lawyer in your phone’s “contacts”, with their name and the words, “Personal Injury Lawyer.” If you can remember that during or after a car accident, you can get the legal advice you need to protect yourself and your family. We can be reached at Michael V. Favia & Associates, day and night at (312) 609-6666.

Getting Back to Work After a Car Accident and Personal Injury

Take it seriously when hurt in a car accident. Go to every physical therapy appointment. Find every bit of help and assistance to ease back into work the right way. It is easy to talk about getting back to work until you are the one who must do it. And it can be expensive to go to physical therapy and rehab to get back into physical shape. This can be a long road and there are no shortcuts.

Insurance policies may limit the coverage for certain hospital and outpatient physical therapy services, and there are all sorts of options for additional coverage that become affordable with some additional coverage. Supplemental coverage from companies we know like Aflac (accident insurance), can make a world of difference when the costs of getting better exceed primary insurance coverage and funds in the bank.

Outpatient Physical Therapy for Car Accident Injuries

The Favia Law Firm is a great resource for personal injury cases. Over decades of work in healthcare and injury law, Michael V. Favia has built a network of healthcare professionals and practitioners to help anyone with car accident injuries and challenging physical therapies. The great news is that there are always new advances in how we heal and get back to our lives in less time than ever before. We are happy to make referrals to outpatient physical therapy providers, who work with insured and cash-pay patients who need to get better.

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