Real Estate Checklist for Buying a House

Buying a house is one of the most exciting things we do in life. Beautiful new homes with curb appeal and all the bells and whistles bring joy to our hearts as we grow our families. Counterbalancing our excitement, the nerves that come along with buying a house can also be daunting. Investing in a home or any piece of real estate is a major decision. Your house is often your most valuable asset and the purchase and sale of a property is nothing to take lightly.

COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Bill

COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Bill: Issues Resolved, Covered Employees Clarified

Chicago Workers Compensation Attorney Michael V. Favia Can Help You with Your Claim for Workers Compensation Benefits if You Contracted COVID-19 as a First-Responder or Essential Front-Line Worker. Questions About the COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Bill? Call the Favia Law Firm in Chicago and Rolling Meadows at (312) 609-6666.

COVID-19 Coronavirus

Preparing Healthcare Facilities for COVID-19 Coronavirus

Medical experts are saying they expect there still may be a spike in positive COVID-19 Coronavirus cases. This being a new pathogen, there is much yet to be learned through research and testing. Meanwhile, your healthcare facility is at risk of being inundated with sick patients with little patience for a lack of ventilators and other medical equipment need to test for and treat their symptoms.

Chicago Workers’ Compensation How it Works

Chicago Workers’ Compensation: How it Works

orney Michael V. Favia is a Chicago workers’ compensation attorney who can help injured employees who need benefits to pay their lost wages and medical expenses. If employees are injured or have an occupational disease from work, attorney Michael V. Favia can help the injured or sick employee file an application for workers’ compensation benefits with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Illinois is a no-fault state for illness and injury, so it does not matter who is at fault for purposes of claiming benefits. Attorney Favia and his team at Michael V. Favia & Associates will walk the employee through the entire process from beginning to end and will represent them at the administrative hearings and any appeals if necessary. The process is much quicker and more efficient than traditional civil lawsuits for injuries.

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting: Licensed Professionals & Liability in Illinois

Chicago IDFPR Attorney Michael V. Favia is a former Illinois Assistant Attorney General and Former IDFPR Chief Prosecutor. Attorney Favia and his team of Chicago IDFPR Lawyers represent professionals licensed in Illinois and other states. Favia Law Firm attorneys resolve IDFPR cases, investigations, prosecutions, and audits. Being a former Chief of Prosecution at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Michael V. Favia’s contacts and relationships are helpful in negotiating resolutions. If necessary, Favia Law Firm trial lawyers represent licensed professionals at informal, formal hearings, and circuit court appeals if necessary. Call an experienced Chicago IDFPR Attorney at the Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates in Chicago and Rolling Meadows, Illinois at (773) 631-4580.


Physician self-reporting requirements

Physician self-reporting requirements for Illinois-licensed physicians is covered in the Medical Practice Act (“Act”). Within 60 days of adverse action taken against a physician, they must complete and submit a Physician Adverse Action Report to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (“IDFPR”) Division of Professional Regulation. Illinois physicians have a legal duty to […]


Online Real Estate Licensing in Illinois

Online real estate licensing makes work easier in Illinois in 2018. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (“IDFPR”) now uses online real estate licensing in Illinois, an upgrade from paper applications. Not only are licensing applications online, but also the real estate license renewals and applications to transfer from one firm to another […]


Student loan default: It can cost your professional license

Student loan default can cost your professional or occupational license to practice your profession. Under Illinois law, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) may refuse to issue or renew your license. Who could be affected by the student loan default and licensing law? In addition to healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, […]


IDFPR: Healthcare licensing podcast with Michael V. Favia

  Today’s podcast interview with healthcare law and licensing attorney Michael V. Favia, focuses on the key purpose and functions of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Doctors, nurses, dentists and similar healthcare professionals should know what to do when communicating with the IDFPR in the event of complaints and disciplinary matters. Illinois […]


Common injuries and lawsuits seeking compensation for damages

When we are injured at the fault of another we have a right to seek compensation for our damages. Common injuries can include trips and falls at places of business, medical error and malpractice, and injuries from car accidents and public transportation mishaps. When people are injured and contact Michael V. Favia & Associates, we […]