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When we are injured at the fault of another we have a right to seek compensation for our damages. Common injuries can include trips and falls at places of business, medical error and malpractice, and injuries from car accidents and public transportation mishaps.

When people are injured and contact Michael V. Favia & Associates, we meet with them to evaluate their situation and determine how to proceed in getting them the financial compensation they deserve. Our investigators help putting all the details together to prove liability and urge the insurance companies to take care of our clients and settle claims. If they don’t settle, we go to trial and you only pay our fees when we settle or win your case in trial. Take not that there is a statute of limitations on when you may file a suit, do not delay in seeking your legal rights.

Premises liability and negligent security

When you walk into a grocery store or the lobby of a hotel, the owners and employees in charge of that premises has a duty to keep their spaces safe and free from things that could cause harm and injury. The common injuries we think of are a shopper slipping on a wet floor and being injured as a result.

Negligent security cases involve situations in which a person is injured due to the owner or employees failing to keep the location safe from direct acts of harm by others. An example would be the failure of an apartment building or business to keep the parking lot and areas of the building well-lit, safe and from known dangers, generally.

Medical malpractice and medical error

Common medical malpractice injuries come from medical errors such as misdiagnosis of a disease, the incorrect use or dispensing of narcotic medications. In Illinois, the elements of a medical malpractice case[i] are:

  1. Identify the standard of care in the medical community (or specialty) by which the defendant’s physician’s treatment is measured;
  2. That the physician deviated from this standard of care; and
  3. That a resulting injury was proximately caused by the deviation of that standard of care.

If your gut is telling you a physician deviated from their standard of care and caused your injury, it is important to seek legal advice and have an experienced medical malpractice attorney review your situation.

Traffic accidents and transportation injuries

Whether someone rear-ends you on the Edens Expressway or the CTA train doors close on you, an injury that might seem relatively minor can lead to permanent disabilities and pain. Too often we take for granted being able to move around and do our work without physical limitations. In serious injury cases, the amount of money it can take to pay for long-term injury and rehabilitation can be significant.

The insurance companies want to offer what might seem like a lot of money and people might be surprised how quickly that money will run out and how much more they need to be compensated for their injuries and inabilities to work and live life like they could before their injuries.

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