Michael V. Favia: Chicago IDFPR Attorney

Michael V. Favia is a Chicago IDFPR Attorney

About Michael V. Favia and Chicago IDFPR Licensing Defense

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) issues and regulates your professional license to practice and Michael V. Favia is a Chicago IDFPR attorney you can trust and when you need legal advice and representation. He is a former Chief of Prosecutions when the department was called the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and knows how the IDFPR operates and how to leverage that knowledge in representing doctors, dentists, nurses and other Illinois-licensed healthcare professionals.

Michael V. Favia, Chicago IDFPR Attorney (773) 631-4580.
Michael V. Favia, Chicago IDFPR Attorney (773) 631-4580.

Use this link to listen to a recent Chicago IDFPR attorney podcast featuring Michael V. Favia talking about popular healthcare licensing issues.

Whether you are a doctor, nurse or dentist graduating and starting a practice here in Chicago or you are coming from out of the state or from abroad, you may need assistance with the complex regulatory structure and process to obtain a professional license in Illinois. Michael V. Favia his team of attorneys, paralegals and support staff can help guide you through the process, helping you obtain your professional license.

Professional license defense is not something healthcare professionals should attempt on their own. Hiring a Chicago IDFPR attorney who knows the system and what types of consequences may result from different actions, both here in Illinois and beyond, now and in the foreseeable future.

Obtaining a Professional License in Illinois and Multi-State Licensing

In Telemedicine, Illinois doctors were seeing more patients using mobile device and computer technology in appropriate circumstances where it is easier for patients to conference with their doctor for follow-up visits, for example. Especially where doctors operate near other state borders, it became big news in 2015 when Illinois joined the Multi-State Licensing Compact among other states reciprocally acknowledging one another’s professional licenses.

Michael V. Favia & Associates wrote about the news because as a Chicago IDFPR attorney, Michael V. Favia knows many doctors who use telemedicine and want to service patients in nearby states, making the multi-state agreement important news. Read, Illinois adopts multi-state licensing compact, streamlines procedures, benefits telemedicine practice, to learn more.

Professional License Defense Issues and Michael V. Favia

In decades of working as a Chicago IDFPR attorney, Michael V. Favia has been a frequent speaker to healthcare professional groups about professional license defense issues. The National Practitioner Data Bank is a system through which states share information about regulatory issues and professional license information. If a nurse has a record of discipline in one state, it can affect their ability to be licensed to work in another state. These issues affect nurses who work in multiple states, especially travelling nurses, must be properly licensed and satisfy regulatory requirements in every state where they want to work as a licensed nurse. Read, Challenges for health care professionals reported in the National Practitioner Data Bank, for more information.

Please take note:

  • The variety of legal issues Chicago IDFPR attorney Michael V. Favia works on with clients and colleagues is vast and as complex as the healthcare systems in which his client doctor, nurses and dentists work.
  • The list of regulated professionals by the IDFPR extends to a long list of professions in addition to healthcare professions. Michael V. Favia & Associates can represent you in any IDFPR matter.
  • Michael V. Favia has worked in several capacities involving state regulation, licensing and legal compliance in administrative law and matters, and has a vast network of colleagues with who he associates as needed to best represent healthcare and other clients with IDFPR license and defense issues.

Contact a Chicago IDFPR attorney at Michael V. Favia & Associates at (773) 631-4580 or contact us through our website. We have several office locations where we can meet you discretely for a consultation to answer your questions and discuss your rights and options.