Podcast About Buying and Selling a Dental Practice

The State of Healthcare Consolidation with John Bertagni: Buying and Selling a Dental Practice

The Healthcare Practice and Consultants Podcast brought to you by the Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates in Chicago, serving healthcare practitioners with a variety of legal services from licensing and regulation to the law and business of healthcare practice. Mr. Favia assists with the legal aspects of buying and selling a dental practice.

Professional Licensing in Illinois

Major Opioid Bust: 60 Doctors and Pharmacists Charged

Illinois doctors, nurses, dentists, and other licensed healthcare professionals trust Chicago IDFPR Michael V. Favia to represent them in court and before state regulatory agencies like the IDFPR. Favia is a former Illinois assistant attorney general and he was also a chief of prosecutions at the formerly named Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. Having been the prosecutor, Mike Favia knows what the IDFPR is concerned about and how to represent his clients in their best light.

Mastermind Dinner & Event by Aptus Exchange April 24 for Dental Practice Acquisition

Attend Aptus Exchange Mastermind Dinner & Meeting: Dental Practice Value Maximization

You are Invited to Attend. Dentists Gather for Dinner and Continuing Education with Aptus Exchange About Succession Planning, Practice Growth and Dental Practice Acquisition. Dentists and dental industry professionals are attending the upcoming evening Mastermind Dinner & Meeting event. Four speaker presentations focus on dental practice acquisition, practice group and practice values. The evening at […]

Michael V. Favia is a Chicago IDFPR Attorney

Michael V. Favia: Chicago IDFPR Attorney

About Michael V. Favia and Chicago IDFPR Licensing Defense The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) issues and regulates your professional license to practice and Michael V. Favia is a Chicago IDFPR attorney you can trust and when you need legal advice and representation. He is a former Chief of Prosecutions when the department […]


HIPAA for healthcare in private practice

HIPAA for healthcare in private practice HIPAA healthcare practice consultant Marion Neal focuses on how private healthcare practitioners and administrators can manage their HIPAA compliance efforts by building a system and integrating compliance tasks into the regular business process, however that process may function in each private practice.   HIPAA for healthcare in private practice, […]


Medical Office Start-Ups

Medical Office Start-Ups Starting your own medical office can be a seamless and efficient process when you are properly prepared and take advantage of the wisdom collected among healthcare professionals who lay out the framework and practice management checklists. Consulting with Healthcare Professional Consultants The responsible and ethical healthcare professional maintains a team of support […]


Medical mistakes: Physician liability & discipline

  Medical mistakes: Physician liability & discipline Medical mistakes, according to popular news sources, may be the third largest leading of death in the U.S. Why are medical errors so prevalent? Is there a culture among physicians in which errors are covered up or not questioned? In a new Fox television series, “The Resident,” a […]


Student loan default: It can cost your professional license

Student loan default can cost your professional or occupational license to practice your profession. Under Illinois law, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) may refuse to issue or renew your license. Who could be affected by the student loan default and licensing law? In addition to healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, […]


Valuing and selling your dental practice with Michael Erin

  Today’s interview with Michael Erin, a dental valuation and practice consultant and broker, focuses on how Dentists prepare for retirement and a succession plan for the transition and sale of the work and interest in their dental practice. Topics covered in this 30-minute interview: About Progressive Management and dental brokerage generally; Preparing for retirement, when to […]