The State of Healthcare Consolidation with John Bertagni: Buying and Selling a Dental Practice

Podcast About Buying and Selling a Dental Practice

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The Healthcare Practice and Consultants Podcast brought to you by the Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates in Chicago, serving healthcare practitioners with a variety of legal services from licensing and regulation to the law and business of healthcare practice. Mr. Favia assists with the legal aspects of buying and selling a dental practice.

Listen to: Mr. John Bertagni from Aptus Exchange Speaks on Dental Practice Brokerage and Advisory Services

Today’s featured guest is Mr. John Bertagni, president of Aptus Exchange, joins us to talk about the merger, purchase, and sale of dental practices. In the dental practice industry, there are many new players interested in bringing the Wall Street world of mergers and acquisitions to Main Street dental practices in Chicago, the suburban areas and beyond.

In our conversation, we explore the world of acquiring, selling and merging dental practice groups, dental professionals and investors. Mr. Bertagni will talk about the roles that Aptus Exchange holds, as an advisory firm and what Aptus does for its clients.

Topics Covered in this Podcast About Buying and Selling a Dental Practice:

  • Selling your dental practice to peers of associates just out of dental school;
  • What makes your dental practice profitable to buyers;
  • How advisory groups understand and educate dentists and practice buyers;
  • Compliance issues and insurance issues connected to dental practice brokerage;
  • The buyer pool and increases in value to sellers;
  • Practice consulting and growth for the future;
  • Family and private equity offices investing in dental practices.

Aptus Exchange Advisory, Brokerage, and Mastermind Program Services

Mr. John Bertagne is the President of Aptus Exchange in Chicago. Aptus Exchange is a leading advisory firm helping doctors and healthcare professionals own their financial freedom. Listen to today’s podcast and learn how as an advisory firm, Aptus Exchange is making every transaction safe, secure, and profitable for those involved in buying and selling a dental practice.

Mr. Bertagne spends some time in this Healthcare Practice and Consultants Podcast talking about the Mastermind Series, a social and educational opportunity for dental practitioners to enjoy one another’s camaraderie while listening to speakers talk about industry information dentists use to grow their practice, maximize profits, and when appropriate, prepare their practice for sale and transition.

Chicago Healthcare Practice Attorney Michael V. Favia and Aptus Exchange

In this podcast about Aptus Exchange and how they work with dental and other doctors in an advisory and brokerage capacity, Mr. Bertagne mentions how Attorney Michael V. Favia is frequently involved in working with dentists and healthcare professionals from his angle as an attorney for licensing and regulatory matters. Compliance with administrative regulations is vital to the ongoing success of any healthcare practice. Doctors and dentists needing legal advice and representation call on Mr. Favia for assistance. He is also a frequent speaker on these administrative topics at the Aptus Exchange Mastermind event series. Buying and selling a dental practice makes sense when working with the professionals at Aptus Exchange.

Call Chicago Healthcare Attorney Michael V. Favia for More Information at (773) 631-4580

Former Chief of Prosecution at the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, Attorney Michael V. Favia knows the healthcare industry and regulatory issues. He is the hub of a wheel connecting medical doctors and healthcare professionals with the right tools and connections to accomplish their career goals and business objectives. Mr. Favia is an important attorney to know when you need representation on the purchase or sale of any professional healthcare practice. If you know someone interested in buying and selling a dental practice, please be in touch.

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