Labor Day Weekend Car Accidents: Call Chicago Injury Lawyers at the Favia Law Firm

Labor Day Weekend Car Accidents

Drive Carefully on Labor Day Weekend

A sobering end to summer fun is the reality that Labor Day Weekend is one of the most dangerous times to be traveling. From people out of town and not knowing where they are going, to people driving under the influence, the statistics suggest you pay extra attention to the road and other drivers. Labor Day Weekend is the second deadliest holiday weekend.

Chicago area vacationers may be leaving Illinois and heading to Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. When people are driving out of town and out of state in numbers. While on the road, Illinois drivers might experience road construction, confusing navigation directions, distracted drivers, intoxicated drivers, and distractions in their own vehicles.

It only takes one wrong move or to look away from the road to change the radio station and you find yourself in a car accident. It happens that quickly. If it does, call Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Michael V. Favia & Associates in Chicago.

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Why Are There So Many Labor Day Weekend Car Accidents?

There are several reasons that the number of car accidents is high on 3-day holiday weekends such as labor day weekend:

  • More People on the Road

A three-day weekend means people are hitting the road for destinations within a few hours drive from home. People heading to the cabin or lake house are going to be competing for their space, trying to get out of town before everyone else.

  • Impaired Drivers

Whether you are out of town or spending time at home, there are people on the roads who might be buzzed, drunk, or too tired to be driving. People going to big family get-togethers may be excited about their fun weekend. They might have also been at the party where things did not go that well. Emotions can have a significant impact on people who might make the mistake of driving impaired.

  • Distracted Drivers

From young and inexperienced high-school and college-aged drivers distracted by the increase in traffic and excitement to experienced defensive drivers, an accident can happen to anyone. The distracted driver might hit you, cut you off, or cause you to have a car accident for any number of reasons.

  • Late Night and Early Morning Driving

Beating the rush of traffic is the plan of people who chose to drive late at night or early in the morning. Driving long hours when you are not used to being on the road can be dangerous. Especially when you do not know the area well, you are at increased risk driving in the dark or when the sun is rising or setting, affecting vision.  

  • Driving Longer Hours

People don’t try to drive too tired, but it can happen easily. Sure, you may otherwise be awake when you are driving late at night or early in the morning, but after several hours, your attention is not as sharp as normal. This applies to everyone on the road nearby you and your family.

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What Should I Do if I am Involved in a Car Accident?

If you are in a car accident you should be prepared. Does your car equipped with the tools you might need to use in an accident? Do you know who to call? Should you talk to the other driver? What if they get angry and aggressive towards you? What if someone is recording the scene with their phone, taking pictures and video?

Call a lawyer right away. Call Michael V. Favia right away (773) 631-4580. Day or night, our staff are there to answer your call when you need to know what to do if you are in an accident.

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Be safe and take steps to prevent further injuries. Such as getting away from the vehicles if they are disabled in the roadway. You do not want to get injured in a secondary collision. Always respond to fire and police who are there to help you and make you safe. You can answer basic questions about being hurt. If you think they are asking questions that make you liable or at fault you can hold off on answering those until you talk to your lawyer, Michael V. Favia.

What Happens if the Insurance Company Calls You?

Call your Chicago injury lawyer, Michael V. Favia, and let him talk to the insurance company. Make sure you know what to do about insurance companies. Depending on what you say, the consequences down the road could work against your best interests. Let the law firm handle it.

At the scene of a car accident and afterward, it can be difficult to remember what happened. That is because the adrenaline, that fight or flight response, can affect your short term memories. Let your injury lawyer work on investigating the accident and protecting you as you focus on getting better.

Your Injuries Might Be Worse Than You Think

While you might not have any broken bones, the whiplash and soft tissue injuries, like bruises and muscle strain and pain, can take a longer time to recover than you may know. It can be common for people to think they are okay on the day of a car accident injury. The pain and discomfort can become worse and you could have neck and back injuries that may require rehabilitation.

Not being properly examined and treated for injuries and rehabilitation needs, you could end up with permanent injuries and medical expenses to treat what can become a chronic condition if you don’t catch it right away. Our law firm works to make sure you get paid for your pain and injuries, now and in the future as you may need help.

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Call Chicago, Illinois personal injury lawyer, Michael V. Favia if you are involved in a car accident or injury over Labor Day Weekend or anytime. The lawyers at Michael V. Favia & Associates are experienced in negotiating, litigating, and settling personal injury lawsuits. We know how to make the insurance companies pay. If they don’t offer enough money, we take it to trial to ask for a substantial monetary settlement. You don’t pay a dime until your case is settled or won in court.