Bruce Johnstone on Designing & Building Beautiful, Functional Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Consultants Podcast

Apex Design Build: Bruce Johnstone on Designing & Building Facilities for Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, and other Healthcare Professionals

Apex Design Build on the Healthcare Consultants Podcast

In this episode of the Healthcare Consultants Podcast, Bruce Johnstone, from Apex Design Build, talks about his work in developing healthcare, dental, medical, and veterinary facilities. This program is hosted by the Chicago Health Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C.

Bruce Johnstone is the Director of Client Services at Apex Design Build. Bruce works directly with healthcare clients nationwide in the architectural design and construction of modern medical and dental offices.

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Topics in this Healthcare Consultants Podcast:

  • About Apex Design Build and its History in Architecture and Design

Founded four generations ago in Oak Park, Apex Design Build is a family-owned company solely focused on the healthcare market. Using an adaptive history of healthcare expertise in property design and construction, Bruce Johnstone and his team at Apex Design Build offer all-in-one customized healthcare facilities and proven results.

  • Customized Spaces that are Functional and Beautiful

In the podcast, Bruce offers client comparisons of their previous and other options versus the results realized from a customized space optimizing office logistics and creating beautiful facilities appealing for patients, staff, and healthcare professionals. Bruce describes how one of his clients had an increase in business and productivity because the staff was so happy in their new space.

  • Designing and Building Healthcare, Dental, Medical, and Veterinary Facilities

Healthcare practices are unique and dentists, doctors, and veterinarians need different options. One of the trends Bruce talks about is the increased use of local retail spaces that are convenient to the public. When a dentist, for example, leaves a larger office building for a storefront retail space, Apex Design Build works with them on every step in the process.

  • About “The Apex Continuum”, a Proprietary Process Routed in Healthcare Expertise

Generations of experience in design, architecture, and construction are the foundation of “The Apex Continuum,” as Bruce describes. This proprietary process keeps everything the client needs within a contained network of professionals providing high-quality services in every aspect of design and construction. Apex Design Build assures a smooth and professional experience, in creating beautiful and functional healthcare facilities.

To start a dialogue with Bruce Johnstone and his team at Apex Design Build, please contact them by phone at (847) 288-0100.

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