New Technologies and Tools in Chiropractic Care with Doctor Michael Taylor

A Healthcare Consultants Podcast: Doctor Michael Taylor Shares New Technologies and Tools in Chiropractic Care

New chiropractic technologies and tools are helping reduce and eliminate chronic pain and health problems. Patients who treat with Doctor Michael Taylor in Chicago, understand that drugs and surgery should be the last resort. Patients suffering from major pain in their neck, elbows, back, and wherever they have pain, can take advantage of new chiropractic technologies that free them of that pain so they can live happy and productive lives.

Listen to the podcast and learn how Doctor Michael Taylor helps patients be healthy and pain-free.

Doctor Michael Taylor specializes in disc herniation (a problem with a rubbery disc between the spinal bones) and peripheral neuropathy (also called peripheral neuritis, weakness, numbness, and pain from nerve damage, usually in the hands and feet). Many of his patients have pain from disc and nerve issues related to work and automobile accidents.

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Relieving Chronic Pain and Health Problems with State-of-The-Art NON-DRUG Solutions

Pain from a disc herniation and peripheral neuropathy can stop you from living your life, working, and enjoying your family. Chronic nerve pain does not have to control you. At the Taylor Rehab and Wellness clinic, you will find relief from the source of your pain instead of covering that pain with drugs.

A combination of technology and tools including laser therapy, spinal decompression, massage therapy, and LaserLikeLipo treatments help Doctor Michael Taylor can relieve his patients from pain and health problems so they do not need drugs or surgery.

Stopping Back Pain Without Drugs and Surgery

Back pain is distracting from life and too many times people make the mistake of thinking they have to suffer from back pain because they do not want to undergo surgery. In this podcast, Doctor Michael Taylor talks about back pain relief he offers with new technology and tools that save his patients from drugs and surgeries.

Spinal decompression therapy offers patients an alternative to surgery. Bulging discs, hernias, degenerative joint diseases, and other spinal issues can be corrected with regular chiropractic treatment accompanied by spinal decompression therapy. This technique reduces pressure on nerves and tissues to treat inflammation and pain.

New Technologies and Tools in Chiropractic Care

Healthcare is a competitive industry full of research and development of better ways to treat patients with a variety of ailments and symptoms. The latest innovations in chiropractic treatment not only free patients from pain and disc herniation problems, but they also help with weight loss and improved overall strength and health.

Laser therapy services combined with chiropractic services give patients long term pain relief from spinal misalignments. Acute conditions of pain from injuries also benefit from the Class 4 laser tools used at Taylor Rehab and Wellness. As Doctor Michael Taylor explains, laser therapy reduces the body’s inflammation response, and your body needs nutrient-rich blood to be sent to the injured area to promote healing.

Using Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Wellness to Restore Health

Pain, stiffness, and difficulties moving well can lead to inactivity and weight gain which makes the patient’s original pain and underlying problems even worse. In the podcast, Doctor Michael Taylor mentions chiropractic technologies and treatments to affect deep muscles to increase blood flow and measures to affect the body’s ability to produce pain. People who want to lose unwanted fat can take advantage of LaserLikeLipo treatments, the non-invasive non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

Not only do these new lasers use red and near-infrared light to trigger fat cells into releasing their stores, but the process also encourages the body to produce elastin and collagen, the body’s natural hormones that are important to healthy skin, strong bones, and functional connective tissues.

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