Addiction Treatment and Recovery with Carolyn Chambless at Lakeview Health

Addiction Treatment and Recovery with Carolyn Chambless at Lakeview Health

Addiction Treatment and Recovery with Carolyn Chambless

Carolyn Chambless and Eric Rhodes from Lakeview Health are here to talk to us about addiction treatment and recovery. Especially during the pandemic, people experienced challenges and triggers that impact substance use, abuse, and the road to sobriety.

In this episode of the Healthcare Consultants Podcast, Carolyn and Eric focus on the services Lakeview Health provides, and how the healthcare community is especially ripe for substance use and abuse concerns. Whether it be pain medication, other substances, or alcohol, Lakeview Health has a plan.

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Taking the stigma away from use and abuse disorders is important. Depression and anxiety often accompany a drug or drinking problem. Lakeview Health has flexible plans to help everyone.

Addiction Treatment and Recovery at Lakeview Health:

  • Introducing Carolyn Chambless and Eric Rhodes at Lakeview Health
  • Deciding to take back control of life through sobriety
  • The process of detox and resuming healthy brain and body functioning
  • Addressing sources of addiction, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder
  • What to expect at Lakeview Health, program options, and insurance questions

Some People Want a Residential Treatment Center, Others an Outpatient Option

Carolyn talks about creating a unique treatment pathway tailored to individual needs. Not everyone can or is interested in getting clean and sober while residing in a treatment location. For some, working towards their recovery goals can be done from home, meetings, and a plan that makes sense.  

Addiction Treatment Needs to Go Further, Understanding the Roots of Addictive Behavior

It is common for people to kick one habit and addiction just to pick up another along the way. Especially for people who quit drinking, it is easy to still crave sugar and end up overeating and eating the wrong things. Whatever addictive behaviors we may exhibit, Carolyn says working with mental health approaches helps us identify root causes and triggers leading to addiction.

Not Everyone is Hitting Rock Bottom When They Chose to Live Their Best Life Sober

Lately, more people are aware of how many people chose not to drink. The “sober curious” movement, for example, highlights the growing segment of the population who do not drink or use drugs. Some are just at that age where others are getting sober and they want to see if they too can quit drinking.

Contact Carolyn Chambless at (312) 909-9670 or email [email protected].  

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