Michael V. Favia is a Peer Selected Leading Lawyers Advisory Board Member for 2021

Leading Lawyers 2021

Leading Lawyers Features Leading Attorneys Like Michael V. Favia, 2021 Peer-Selected Advisory Board Member

The Leading Lawyers list has been published since 2003, helping legal consumers find a great lawyer quickly, efficiently, and in a way, they know they are getting someone with great skill, experience, and reputation. Michael V. Favia is honored to be selected as a 2021 Leading Lawyers Advisory Board Member.

Fewer than five percent of all lawyers in Illinois are selected through the peer review process to be recommended and named among the list of Leading Lawyers published annually. Skill, experience, and reputation in the practice of law are recognized by fellow attorneys who cast their votes for the best attorneys they know and trust.

Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C. law firm Chicago & Rolling meadows

The Leading Lawyers Selection Process

Leading Lawyers are peer-reviewed. Lawyers cannot buy their way onto the Leading Lawyers list and directory. Only lawyers who are frequently recommended and vetted by the Leading Lawyers Advisory Board are ultimately selected to the list of Leading Lawyers, annually published as a division of Law Bulletin Media.

There are four phases in the Leading Lawyers peer-review selection process. Law Bulletin Media sends a survey to all lawyers in a region, asking them who they would recommend based on their knowledge of another lawyer and their practice. Next, the survey responses are reviewed, and the most nominated lawyers are contacted for discussion and interview. Ethical and disciplinary questions are the next step in the process to ensure the highlighted lawyers are free and clear of violations. The final state in peer-reviewed selection involves the Advisory Board who ensures the process is fair, unbiased, and not controlled by undue influence.

Why Peer Review is Important in Credentialing for Lawyers like Michael V. Favia

Reputation, skill, and experience matter to people working with and hiring Illinois lawyers like Michael V. Favia. What keeps the profession of law pure is the culture of peer oversight and accountability. A lawyer cannot buy their way through the Leading Lawyers Selection Process. When you search for a nationwide lawyer or recognize the Leading Lawyers badge on an attorney’s website, you know that you are selecting an attorney who earned their positive reputation by working hard, being ethical, and treating others fairly and with respect for the law and the legal process.

For example, Michael V. Favia’s practice involves defending professional licensees with regulatory issues. If one of Favia’s clients in Chicago has a regulatory issue in another state in which the client professional is licensed, he might search the Leading Lawyers national network to find a great lawyer in whatever state he needs. While most lawyers have a great local referral network of their own, sometimes nobody knows a good lawyer in the state where they need to find someone to help with their case here in Illinois. Michael V. Favia thanks his peers for selecting him as a 2021 Leading Lawyers Advisory Board Member.

Searching for Leading Lawyers Nationwide Improves the Process of Finding Great Lawyers

In-house counsel attorneys at Fortune 500 companies searching for specific industry lawyers such as trademark, copyright, and trade secret lawyers, for example, can use Leading Lawyers as a one-stop marketplace where only the most respected and skilled lawyers are listed.

Personal injury lawyers whose clients were injured in other states can find local counsel when necessary and in the course of the investigation and expert research of an injury case.

Healthcare practitioners who practice in multiple states, such as traveling nurses, can find a professional licensing attorney like Michael V. Favia if they have questions or need help obtaining or managing their licensed status from one state to the next.

Leading Lawyers is a Division of Law Bulletin Media

Law Bulletin Media, and the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin and its affiliated entities have served the Chicago area legal community since 1888. The legal newspaper covering Chicago and Illinois law and practice is known for its standards in journalism. An essential provider of information and services for the legal community, every day people read and use Law Bulletin Media products and services like Leading Lawyers when reputation, skill, and experience matter.

About Attorney Michael V. Favia and Michael V. Favia & Associates in Chicago, Illinois

Michael V. Favia is the founder and principal attorney at Michael V. Favia & Associates in Chicago. He is also an attorney of counsel to Quintarios, Preto, Wood & Boyer, P.A., (QPWB) a nationwide law firm. Favia advises and represents individuals, licensed professionals, and organizations with commercial and residential real estate; health law, litigation and professional licensing; personal injury and wrongful death; and worker’s compensation.

Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C. has offices in Chicago and Rolling Meadows from where they represent and work with clients in Chicago, the suburbs, the State of Illinois and nationwide, through its of counsel relationship with QPWB.

Call Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C. when you need a Leading Lawyer in Chicago (312) 609-6666