RNs: We Need You to Teach Future Nurses, Become a Nurse Educator

Teach Future Nurses, Become a Nurse Educator

We Will Run Out of Nurses without Nurses Who Teach Future Nurses

To keep up with the demand for healthcare for baby boomers, and all generations in need of quality healthcare, both in-person and via telemedicine, we need current nurses to become nurse educators and keep the profession growing with the benefits of wisdom and valuable on-the-job knowledge.

Following the COVID pandemic and trends of health concerns and awareness, the demand for healthcare professionals is strong, especially because so many nurses retired in recent years and others left their jobs and profession entirely in connection with pandemic challenges and issues related to employment.

As bad as things may seem in critical times, we are all here today and living our lives because of a nurse that played a vital role in our care at one point in our lives or another. Whether when we were born, when we had our first broken bone, or came in for shots before going off to school, we know the caring nurses are always there, and this is something that we should not take for granted.

Listen to Our Podcast on Nurse Education with Nurse Consultant, Samantha Glon

Ms. Samantha Glon, the nurse consultant, appeared on our Healthcare Consultants Podcast to talk about the future of nursing and how important it is that current RNs look in the mirror and ask themselves if they have it in them to teach future nurses. Without nurse educators with pragmatic experience, we have much to lose. Remember that what makes a great nurse comes from the experience not available in textbooks and online lesson materials.

In the podcast, Nurse Consulting and Litigation Assistance with Samantha Glon, learn how there are opportunities in nursing that use your skills and experience to teach a new crew of hardworking nursing students because we are going to need them.

The Illinois Nursing Workforce Center (INWC) Free Webinar Series in Nurse Education

Several healthcare educators in Illinois are partnering to present programs on nursing and webinars full of information that is available on the IDFPR YouTube page for you to view at any time.

Be a Nurse Educator and Serve the Future of Your Vocation

There are so many possible career options and stepping stones for nurses, in addition to education. Just because an RN decides to become a nurse educator does not mean they cannot pursue parallel career options. And with so many new options in nursing careers in specialty areas, there are seemingly endless options to fit just about anyone’s work environment preferences and aspirations.

Being a traveling nurse, for example, can be a great asset to healthcare professionals who want to teach. The variety of experiences helps one share the tips nursing students can use to develop their skill set to be reliable team members in any patient care environment.

Become a Nurse Who Teaches Future Nurses, Learn from Chicago IDFPR Attorney Michael V. Favia

Chicago IDFPR Attorney Michael V. Favia knows first-hand how important proper nursing education is and why quality nurses are in such high demand. In his long career in healthcare licensing, law, and litigation, attorney Favia has handled countless issues regarding nursing and the profession. From education and licensing to regulation and license defense, getting to know a good IDFPR attorney is important for any nurse who values their career and worth in the profession.