Combating Opioid Addiction: New Illinois Law Requires Additional Education

New Law: Additional Continuing Medical Education About Safe Opioid Prescriptions and Combating Opioid Addiction

Additional Education for Illinois Doctors Combating Opioid Addiction The Illinois Controlled Substance Act was amended on Monday, August 27, 2018, increasing the required continuing medical education requirements to include three additional hours of education about safety when prescribing opioids. The new law mandating Illinois physicians and those who must maintain their CME hour requirements. The […]


New law, cameras allowed in Illinois nursing home rooms: To catch abuse or neglect, and at what cost?

Investigative news programs cover nursing homes from time to time, and sometimes the focus is on the quality of care, or lack thereof. Cases involving the abuse or neglect of elder residents lead us to ask how the family of a resident can truthfully and accurately monitor or know if their loved one truly receives […]