Medical Office Start-Ups

Medical Office Start-Ups
Medical Office Start-Ups – Use Health Practice Advisors in Chicago. Call (773) 733-0356.

Medical Office Start-Ups

Starting your own medical office can be a seamless and efficient process when you are properly prepared and take advantage of the wisdom collected among healthcare professionals who lay out the framework and practice management checklists.

Consulting with Healthcare Professional Consultants

The responsible and ethical healthcare professional maintains a team of support professionals to advise and represent them in the best interests of their medial practice.

Professional consultants for doctors and dentists:

  • Legal representation for business formation, employee matters, compliance with HIPAA, OSHA, CLIA, and for your regulation and licensing issues;
  • Accounting firm representation for accurate bookkeeping, payroll, employee benefits, taxes, audits, billing and reimbursement matters;
  • Practice management consultants providing advisory support and services to maximize profits, minimize liabilities, and fine tune the elements of a medical practice that distinguishes its brand from the general marketplace;
  • Insurance brokers for malpractice, group health and dental, liability and worker’s compensation, and a variety of other coverage policies.

Medical Practice Logistics and Space

Physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals may consult with practice location and setup professionals, who apply their commercial real estate experience specifically to medical office start-ups. These specialized real estate professionals can help you locate and plan for a medical office that is specifically suited to your type of practice and the patients you serve.

Hospital Privilege and Credentialing

Medical practice setup consultants start the process of obtaining your state medical license, DEA license, and Narcotics license well before you plan to open the doors to patients as the processes can take up to several months. You will also need to obtain hospital privileges and apply for provider submission allowances. Additionally, there are local medical associations and groups with whom you may want to affiliate.

Billing, Coding and Reimbursement

Doing your work and being paid is the life blood of a medical office. Start-ups with proper planning and the assistance of professionals can earn and build a thriving practice when billing policies and procedures allow for the efficient service of patients and billing insurance providers as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

Communications, Computer and Software Systems

The information technology and communication systems used in modern medical offices allow physicians, nurses, staff and administrators to manage information about patient service and healthcare notes on procedures used to offer the best and most efficient service.

General Business Considerations, Marketing and Advertising

Like any business serving members of the community, a new medical office has several options in setting up a system for the flow of patient service work, billing and office tasks as well as marketing and advertising. Bringing in new patients may also be a function of negotiating referral relationships with other healthcare practitioners with good reputations.

In Chicago, the Health Practice Advisors Network Helps New Medical Office Start-Ups

The Health Practice Advisors is a team of professionals providing the resources and assistance to grow revenues, reduce operational costs and help with marketing and much more. From professional licensing and regulation to healthcare reimbursement and IT services, the Health Practice Advisors either have an immediate member who can help your or they may directly connect you with one of their recommended colleagues.

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