COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Bill

COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Bill: Issues Resolved, Covered Employees Clarified

Chicago Workers Compensation Attorney Michael V. Favia Can Help You with Your Claim for Workers Compensation Benefits if You Contracted COVID-19 as a First-Responder or Essential Front-Line Worker. Questions About the COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Bill? Call the Favia Law Firm in Chicago and Rolling Meadows at (312) 609-6666.

First Responders and Essential Front-Line Workers

COVID-19 Coronavirus Amendments to Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Rules of Practice

In response to COVID-19 Coronavirus, the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission (IWCC) held a recent meeting in which Chairman Michael J. Brennan announced amendments to the Commission’s Rules of Practice. The amendments identify who are included as first responders or essential front-line workers, who receive a rebuttable presumption that claims related to COVID-19 Coronavirus are causally connected to the scope of their employment for purposes of obtaining workers compensation benefits.