Chicago Workers’ Compensation How it Works

Chicago Workers’ Compensation: How it Works

orney Michael V. Favia is a Chicago workers’ compensation attorney who can help injured employees who need benefits to pay their lost wages and medical expenses. If employees are injured or have an occupational disease from work, attorney Michael V. Favia can help the injured or sick employee file an application for workers’ compensation benefits with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Illinois is a no-fault state for illness and injury, so it does not matter who is at fault for purposes of claiming benefits. Attorney Favia and his team at Michael V. Favia & Associates will walk the employee through the entire process from beginning to end and will represent them at the administrative hearings and any appeals if necessary. The process is much quicker and more efficient than traditional civil lawsuits for injuries.


Injured at work? Illinois workers’ compensation law and benefits

A recent news article highlighted a legal opinion concerning the availability of death benefits under workers compensation laws for the spouse of an employee who dies after suffering a heart attack after engaging in physical labor at work.[i] With several factors contributing to heart conditions, courts must apply the facts to the law and determine […]