Homeowner Liability: Protecting Your Family and Assets

Filing a lawsuit against a friend or neighbor seems like the worst thing someone can experience, especially when seeing that person again is inevitable. If a guest is injured at your home or on your property where you are legally responsible, an insurance claim can be made. Before making a claim with any insurance company, contact a personal injury attorney first. With your Chicago injury lawyer, discuss your personal liability and exposure, because personal liability is possible if the insurance does not pay a claim or the claim exceeds the policy limits. At the end of the day, neighbors understand that some insurers will pay claims without a problem and others seemingly need a lawsuit on file to get people paid appropriately, and that’s why you need a lawyer like Michael V. Favia.

Chicago Residential Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Checklist for Buying a House

Buying a house is one of the most exciting things we do in life. Beautiful new homes with curb appeal and all the bells and whistles bring joy to our hearts as we grow our families. Counterbalancing our excitement, the nerves that come along with buying a house can also be daunting. Investing in a home or any piece of real estate is a major decision. Your house is often your most valuable asset and the purchase and sale of a property is nothing to take lightly.

Commercial Real Estate 101 Investing in Commercial Properties in Chicago

Commercial Real Estate 101: Investing in Commercial Properties in Chicago

The Chicago Commercial Real Estate Opportunity With so many options to earn income and preserve wealth with real estate investments you may find an ideal opportunity in investing in commercial properties in Chicago. As new neighborhoods grow in the suburbs and historic neighborhoods in the city of Chicago are updated for economic growth, there is […]