Healthcare Financial Services with Christopher Gandy at Midwest Legacy Group

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Listen to the Healthcare Financial Services Podcast with Christopher Gandy, Midwest Legacy Group, Talking About the Importance of Relationship Building and a Team Mentality in Making and Growing Money

Financial strategy professional, Christopher Gandy, is the founder of the Midwest Legacy Group and is well-positioned to help doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals plan for current and upcoming financial challenges.

Healthcare professionals in the medical community work hard to provide for their medical practices and their families and lives. Saving money for retirement and building your retirement plan for the future is challenging in 2023, with inflation and uncertainty in financial markets. Chicago area families in all tax brackets are working hard to make money last. Christopher Gandy is an experienced and proven financial agent to work with healthcare professionals and their families, ready to make the winning moves.

Christopher Gandy, LACP is the founding partner of the Midwest Legacy Group in Lisle, Illinois.

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Midwest Legacy Group Provides Healthcare Financial Services and Money Management:

  • Financial Services for the Medical Community
  • Doctors and Dentists Growing and Preserving Assets
  • Competitive Life Insurance and Securities Products 
  • Being Financially Independent Healthcare Practitioners

In the podcast, Gandy talks about how the rules of the game have changed since COVID and the stimulus payments stimulated inflation. He also noted that most people don’t know about the CARES Act 2.0 and other similar congressional spending bills that impact investments and opportunities.

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