Summer Estate Planning Preparing for the Future

Summer Estate Planning: Preparing for the Future with Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C.

Estate planning, a crucial aspect of managing your assets and ensuring your wishes are carried out, gains particular relevance in the summer. This season, often associated with vacations and relaxation, offers a perfect opportunity to assess your current situation and make necessary arrangements for your accounts and assets. Let’s explore why estate planning is essential and how Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C. can help you navigate this complex process.

Essential Guide to Estate Planning Discussions this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Conversations: Understanding the Importance of Estate Planning for Your Family’s Future

As the leaves change and Thanksgiving approaches, it’s not just the aroma of turkey and pumpkin pie that fills the air. It’s also an opportune time for families to gather, reflect, and have meaningful conversations that often get overlooked amidst the festivities. One crucial topic that deserves attention during these moments is estate planning. So, why not make this Thanksgiving a gateway to safeguarding your family’s future?

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Healthcare Financial Services with Christopher Gandy at Midwest Legacy Group

In the podcast, Gandy talks about how the rules of the game have changed since COVID and the stimulus payments stimulated inflation. He also noted that most people don’t know about the CARES Act 2.0 and other similar congressional spending bills that impact investments and opportunities.