Chicago Health Executives Forum Event: Identifying and Assisting the Impaired Healthcare Worker: A Critical Approach to Ensuring Patient Safety, Michael Favia, Presenting Panelist

CHEF Event 7/26 Focused on Assisting Impaired Healthcare Workers, Michael Favia, Panelist

Chicago Health Executives Forum Event: Identifying and Assisting the Impaired Healthcare Worker: A Critical Approach to Ensuring Patient Safety, Michael Favia, Presenting Panelist In the fast-paced and demanding healthcare industry, the well-being of patients depends on the competence and reliability of the healthcare workers. However, like any profession, healthcare workers can face personal challenges that […]

Homelessness Recovery Stories

Homelessness Recovery Stories: Neli Vazquez Rowland from A Safe Haven in Chicago and the Tell-All Book!

Co-founder and President of A Safe Haven in Chicago, Neli Vazquez Rowland, and her husband have pulled more than 130,000 people up from homelessness and her new book is about success stories.
In this episode of the Healthcare Consultants Podcast, Neli talks about the success of A Safe Haven’s transformational and sustainable approach to overcoming homelessness and excelling in life.

Virtual Fundraisers for Non-Profits with Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson Talks About Virtual Fundraising Opportunities for Non-Profit Organizations

Michael V. Favia & Associates Presents Rob Johnson Talking About Virtual Fundraising on the Healthcare Consultants Podcast. In this episode, Rob Johnson, the TV journalist and founder of Rob Johnson Communications, talks about solutions to the challenges of fundraising and raising awareness for important causes in a virtual environment, during the pandemic and moving forward. This program is hosted by the Chicago Health Law Firm of Michael V. Favia & Associates, P.C. Rob Johnson works directly with non-profit organizations holding high-quality virtual events, recorded, and produced to work around the challenges of not being able to hold in-person events.

Mastermind Dinner & Event by Aptus Exchange April 24 for Dental Practice Acquisition

Attend Aptus Exchange Mastermind Dinner & Meeting: Dental Practice Value Maximization

You are Invited to Attend. Dentists Gather for Dinner and Continuing Education with Aptus Exchange About Succession Planning, Practice Growth and Dental Practice Acquisition. Dentists and dental industry professionals are attending the upcoming evening Mastermind Dinner & Meeting event. Four speaker presentations focus on dental practice acquisition, practice group and practice values. The evening at […]


Michael V. Favia joined panelists speaking at 8th Annual Illinois Administrative Law Conference

The Illinois Bureau of Administrative Hearings recently held its 8th Annual Illinois Administrative Law Conference, focusing on training specifically geared toward the distinct functions of State adjudicators and those involved in the practice of administrative law before State hearings units. Speaking at the full day conference, Michael V. Favia[i] joined colleagues, Carrie Chapman[ii] and Mary […]


Health Practice Advisors’ Alan Shifrin Presents at May 17 Dinner on Buying and Selling Health Care Practices

SCHAUMBURG, Illinois – On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, Alan Shifrin, J.D. speaks on issues in buying and selling healthcare practices. The dinner presentation at Maggiano’s in Schaumburg starts with cocktails at 5:30 p.m. and concludes at 9:30 p.m. This is a Health Practice Advisors (HPA) event sponsored by Apex Design and tickets remain available.[i] The […]


Podcast: Medical Malpractice and Professional Licensing Issues with Michael Favia

The Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants is a group of highly experienced attorneys and investigators who previously worked for the I.D.P.R. will represent and/or defend licensed    professionals in cases involving the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional            Regulation, Illinois Department of Public Aid and Illinois Department of Public Health. In this monthly podcast series our attorneys […]


Italian American Political Coalition Invitation For Chicagoland Candidates Seeking Endorsement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Interviews For Political Endorsements Will Be Conducted By Italian American Political Coalition Members In Endorsement Session CHICAGO – Candidates seeking the political endorsement of the Italian American Political Coalition are invited to appear for an interview at the upcoming endorsement session held Saturday, September 6, 2014, at the Diplomat West, located at 681 […]


Press Release: Favia recognized in Leading Health Lawyers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  MICHAEL V. FAVIA SELECTED FOR “LEADING HEALTH LAWYERS” Health And Injury Law And Litigation Attorney, Michael V. Favia Recognized By Chicago Lawyer Magazine In “Leading Health Lawyers” CHICAGO – The list of Chicago’s “Leading Health Lawyers” published in the September 2013 Chicago Lawyer magazine recognizes Michael V. Favia, selected for the honor […]


Interview on Chicago Concussion Coalition and Sports Legacy Institute

Do you know someone who plays contact sports such as football, hockey, soccer or baseball? How about someone who cheers for the team? Maybe you also know a veteran of U.S. military service. Ok, what do you think all these people have in common? They are the focus of traumatic brain injury / concussion research, […]