Major Opioid Bust: 60 Doctors and Pharmacists Charged

Illinois doctors, nurses, dentists, and other licensed healthcare professionals trust Chicago IDFPR Michael V. Favia to represent them in court and before state regulatory agencies like the IDFPR. Favia is a former Illinois assistant attorney general and he was also a chief of prosecutions at the formerly named Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. Having been the prosecutor, Mike Favia knows what the IDFPR is concerned about and how to represent his clients in their best light.

New Law: Additional Continuing Medical Education About Safe Opioid Prescriptions and Combating Opioid Addiction

Additional Education for Illinois Doctors Combating Opioid Addiction The Illinois Controlled Substance Act was amended on Monday, August 27, 2018, increasing the required continuing medical education requirements to include three additional hours of education about safety when prescribing opioids. The new law mandating Illinois physicians and those who must maintain their CME hour requirements. The […]

DOJ investigating, prosecuting opioid prescribers

  DOJ investigating, prosecuting opioid prescribers Today’s DOJ and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions are investigating and prosecuting physicians and pharmacies over-prescribing opioids using surprise federal takedowns in a way that makes the 1980s “war on drugs” look like a light prequel. Federal prosecutors assigned to “opioid hot spot districts” for the purpose of investigating […]

How do you know if you have an opioid problem?

Anyone can develop an addiction to painkillers. Doctors, nurses and all healthcare professionals are tasked with monitoring patients to whom opioids are prescribed. We hear news stories about pill mills, billing fraud and monitoring programs to keep patients safe and prevent drug diversion and downstream black market sales. Meanwhile, who is monitoring the healthcare professionals […]

Opioid Addiction: Issue spotting in workers’ compensation, addressing systemic abuse

Painkillers are a big problem in the workers’ compensation industry. Many Americans are addicted to opioids and there are too many opportunities to fuel the fire of abuse. Workers’ compensation and the healthcare system are significant in causing an increasing amount of opioids in society. From a school librarian with an ankle sprain and a […]

Chicago IDFPR Attorney Jacqueline Stein Podcast on Licensed Professional Regulation Updates

An important takeaway: Always consult an experienced Chicago IDFPR attorney when matters arise with the Department. The Law Office of Michael V. Favia & Associates and their team of IDFPR consultants know how to help with license applications, IDFPR complaints, and investigations, probation and compliance, administrative review, and appeal of disciplinary decisions.

Avoid Medical Board Discipline for Prescribing Opiates

Michael V. Favia Defends Illinois-Licensed Physicians and Healthcare Professionals Prescribing Opiates In representing and defending Illinois physicians before the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Responsibility (IDFPR), IDFPR attorney Michael V. Favia is acutely aware of the challenges faced by doctors prescribing opiates. A former Chief of Prosecution for the Department, Favia has been on […]

Pill mills: Investigations and consequences

Pill mills: Investigations and consequences Pain clinics are abundant in many states and so are pill mills. In New York, Ohio and Chicago recent pill mill investigations caused raids and arrests of doctors and staff complicit in running pill mills where the doctors write prescriptions for pain narcotics like they are giving out candy at […]

Licensed healthcare professionals can also suffer and recover from opiate abuse and addiction

Opiate addiction is something that can sneak up on good people who might not realize they are becoming dependent on painkillers. People from all walks of life are prescribed an opiate or opioid narcotic for pain management following for injuries and chronic conditions. Like other addictions, an opiate use can turn into abuse and reliance […]

Drug addiction in the nursing industry: Being proactive can save your career

Nursing and healthcare careers are stressful and demanding on many. One RN tells his story about how he developed an opiod addiction. He was caring for patients at work and at home. When kidney stone problems started, so began the habit of taking pain pills. Nurses and healthcare practitioners have unique opportunities to position themselves […]